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Technical inspection of your classic car

The technical characteristics of a classic car form the basis of its rating. A classic car is often bought to be used, for solo drives or organized outings by classic car enthusiasts. So, when selling classic cars, it's vital to know everything about their physical condition. That's why my classic car appraisal begins with a technical examination, focusing on :


The current market

Collection privée automobile has extensive knowledge of the classic car market. We put this expertise at your service.



We estimate the value of your car based on its maintenance history and current condition. We take a close look at your classic car, from mechanics to bodywork.



The mileage of your classic car has an impact on its value.



At Collection Privée Automobile, we check the vehicle's history to see if it has suffered any damage in the past that could have affected its condition.

The importance of historical examination in the appraisal of classic cars

The vehicle's year of production, the rarity of the model, the state of the current market... My experience, acquired through the passion that has driven me since I was 17 and my participation in renowned shows such as Rétromobile, will enable you to create a private automobile collection of choice models.

I estimate with precision and competence all cars from the Côte d'Azur to Monaco. I'm at your service to appraise classic cars of all makes and all ages.

Pro tip


Having a recent quotation for your classic car is useful in many situations. Indeed, this type of vehicle represents a real heritage, and it's important to know its value when thinking about inheritance or donation.

What's more, an appraisal of your vintage cars may be requested by insurance companies or in the event of a claim. Having your vehicle appraised therefore provides important figures, whether you wish to sell or keep your classic car.

Collector car appraisal criteria

Estimating the value of a classic car is difficult, because there are so many criteria to take into account!



A Ferrari is generally more expensive than a Maserati, a Porsche more expensive than a BMW. It's not a question of quality, but there are brands that are more popular!



It's very important for a classic car appraisal, because not all models of the same make have the same value.



It adds a lot of value to a model. The AC Cobra, an iconic car that has won every race it has ever entered, will arouse great admiration for the model and generate more buyers than there are vehicles. This will significantly increase the value of the car.



This factor determines the price. For some brands, such as Mercedes, restoration can cost more than the restored model! A Pagode SL may cost €120,000 to restore, but the car will only sell for €100,000 afterwards.



This is one of the key elements in the value of a car. In fact, the fewer models built, the higher the value! A good example is the American Corvette, which is built in tens of thousands of units per model. A 1965 Corvette is less expensive than an AC Cobra of the same year. But for this example, the production figure is not the only criterion, there's also the sporting past.

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This will have an impact on the price of the car. The car can be restored with original or remanufactured parts. The quality of the bodywork, upholstery and mechanical work must be commensurate with the car's model. For example, the dashboard upholstery on Ferraris from the 60s is very specific. If you find a Ferrari Daytona with a vulgar carpet on the dashboard, it's a real turn-off!

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