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sale of collector's vehicle à Paris

Welcome to Collection Privée Automobile, your essential reference in Paris for the purchase and maintenance of precious classic cars. We are passionate about these mechanical treasures steeped in history and we provide you with unique expertise to meet your collector vehicle needs.

At Collection Privée Automobile, we understand the importance of finding the perfect classic car, one that combines history, character and performance. Our diverse inventory includes an exquisite selection of collectible vehicles, ranging from timeless classics to the most iconic models from different eras.

Our dedicated team has extensive knowledge of the classic car market, allowing us to offer you personalized advice and valuable information to help you make the best purchasing decision. Each vehicle in our showroom is carefully inspected and authenticated to guarantee its quality and authenticity.

Whether you're an avid collector or an enthusiastic novice, Collection Privée Automobile is the perfect place to find the collector car of your dreams. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional shopping experience, with a focus on transparency, integrity and customer satisfaction.

In addition to our classic vehicle sales service, we also offer specialized maintenance services to preserve the value and performance of your valuable investment. Our qualified technicians are trained to work carefully on these unique models to ensure their proper functioning and long-term preservation.

At Collection Privée Automobile, we believe in the importance of preserving automotive heritage and are committed to offering exceptional collectible vehicles to our customers. Our passion for these iconic automobiles is reflected in every detail of our services, from purchase to maintenance.

To discover our exclusive selection of classic cars or to obtain expert advice, do not hesitate to visit us at our showroom in Paris or to contact us. Let us help you find the rare gem that will join your collection or maintain the one you already cherish.

Collection Privée Automobile - The essential address in Paris for collector vehicle enthusiasts.


20 Rue Davoust, 83100 Toulon

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